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Motif Aura Breastshields - 29mm

Motif Aura Breastshields - 29mm

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Lactation consultants agree that properly sized breast shields are vital for a comfortable and effective expression. These breast shields are compatible with the Aura Breast Pump. Utilize these breastshields along with the Aura Silicone Inserts to adjust size for a comfortable fit.

Please chat with our customer care team if you have any questions on sizing.

These breast shields ensure that every mother has a perfectly fitted set of breast pump flanges for comfortable pumping sessions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible with the Aura Breast Pump and Aura Silicone Inserts avaliable in sizes 15MM, 17MM, 19MM, 21MM, 24MM, 28MM
  • Available in 29mm
  • BPA-Free

What's Included:

• 2 – Breastshields