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Duo Diaphragms

Duo Diaphragms

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Replace your old, broken, or lost Duo diaphragms with this set. The diaphragm is the round, plastic assembly that attaches to the top of the breast shield to allow for closed-system pumping. Replacing your breast pump parts is vital to maintaining your Duo Breast Pump in proper working order.

Note - We are currently updating our stock and product may look slightly different than image. Either version is compatible with your pump and any difference will not effect performance

The diaphragm assembly is affixed to the breast shield on one side and the tubing that goes to the motor of the pump on the other side. These diaphragms are compatible with the Duo Breast Pump. The diaphragm creates a closed system, serving as a barrier to prevent milk from getting into the tubing or the mother. This is crucial in preventing contamination and the buildup of mildew or bacteria.

Features and Benefits:

  • Acts as a protective barrier for the breast pump
  • Creates the closed pumping system
  • Prevents the buildup of mildew and bacteria within the milk and breast pump to prevent contamination 

What's Included:

  • 2 - Diaphragms